Unedited, unfiltered, verifiable and tamper-evident digital photos

What is True Dat app? It's a Truth Machine in your pocket

True Dat app lets anyone create and share unedited, unfiltered, verifiable and tamper-evident digital photos and videos. Our built-in blockchain provides a verifiable certificate to prove that they are not fake or photoshopped or deepfaked. Our mission is to put a truth machine in everyone's pocket and enable a global borderless citizen photo journalism and true photography.

Our built-in marketplace provides new economic opportunities for photographers, photo journalists and anyone with an iOS device. Every photo, video and audio created using True Dat app is a unique cryptographically-signed, verifiable and tamper-evident asset. The provenance and the digital rights of these assets are securely tracked and seamlessly transferred using our EulerChain blockchain.

Download our app today and join our rapidly growing community of passionate journalists and photographers.

Detect fakes

Verify any video, photo or audio Our media forensics platform uses AI, ML and computer vision techniques to detect tampering and identify fakes. Upload any video, photo or audio file.